Mission and Vision


ALTD’s vision is a world where human rights are understood, respected and expanded to all. To build harmonious societies that function based on the rule of just law, plural democracy, human rights, and sustainable social and economic development. It aims to create awareness by educating the new generation about the value of social life, human rights and equality in order to serve the community and create a bond of compassion and sense of unity within the people around the world.


Alternative links for Training and Development (ALTD) seeks the full application of international human rights standards to all people regardless of race gender and religion, through participatory education. It seeks to promote and empower refugees, immigrants, and marginalized members of society through appropriate participatory programmes by building the capacity of Diasporas, conducting research and advocacy.

Our Objectives

  1. The economic empowerment and training for the assistance of women worldwide, but particularly in the Muslim communities to help them achieve economic independence through improving their skills, entrepreneurship.
  2. Language and computer, and small business Training and education worldwide but particularly in the Muslim communities, and specially education and training of women in order to assist them in the job market and/ or establish their own income generating activities.
  3. Marketing and other forms of research that would promote the economic condition of disadvantaged groups particularly women and assist them to improve their economic circumstances.
  4. Human rights education, in particular training of international human rights law for the civil society activists in form of weekly workshops. Study of international treaties concerning women are prioritised. The aim of this workshop is to raise human rights knowledge in an expert level among human rights activists in the UK, Europe, Afghanistan and Iran.
  5. To promote non-violent culture and mutual respect at home and in society, though working with policymakers, CSOs, women groups, youth’s groups, and educational institutions, particularly those working with children.
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Alternative Links for Training and Development (ALTD) is a non-profit organization to help the refugee women be independent and become active members of the society.


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