Our Goal is to Help Afghan women and immigrant communities.

ALTD was set up with the intention of promoting local initiatives and organisations that have been set up to promote democracy, gender equity and economic empowerment of under- privilege groups. To that end Alternative Link has organised its activity in three broad themes:

  • Promotion of economic empowerment for under-privileged in particular for women.
  • Language and computer literacy training for activists.
  • Promote and facilitate research for action

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alternative Links, and what is its mission?

Alternative Links is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women and immigrant communities from Afghanistan. Our mission is to provide educational, social, and advocacy support to help individuals’ lead safe, dignified, and fulfilling lives.

How can I contact Alternative Links for more information or inquiries?

You can reach out to us through our Contact Us page. We welcome your questions, feedback, and partnership inquiries.

Does Alternative Links collaborate with other organizations?

Yes, we actively collaborate with other charities, NGOs, government agencies, and community organizations to maximize our impact and provide comprehensive support to our beneficiaries.

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Alternative Links for Training and Development (ALTD) is a non-profit organization to help the refugee women be independent and become active members of the society.


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Your contribution can change a life. Invest in the potential of women and activists with Alternative Links.

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