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Water For All Children

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Clean Water For All

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Our vision is to promote human rights, equality, fair treatment of all people in the UK, Europe and in South Asia.


Promotion of economic empowerment for under-privileged in particular for women:

To this end, Alternative Link, has circulated and disseminated the information on similar organisations in other part of the world most notably South Asia and Latin America. It has also helped to set up links with other organizations and encourage the use of electronic media where such possibilities exist.

The organization has carried out marketing research and has helped market their product directly. It has provided information about Alternative trade organisation to the local income generating activities. It has helped to provide capacity building through training for organising for technical and more general literacy skills and for management skills for small business in both rural and urban settings. 


Language and computer literacy training for activists:

beside financial, legal, and visa it is the language barrier and lack of information that prevent many of the local activists to build networks and participate in regional and international events. In most middle eastern countries, learning one of the major European language such as English that has come to be the predominantly the language of international meetings, has been privilege of elites particularly among women. Therefore, Alternative link has provided a series of easy language training direct to the special needs of local activists. Alternative link provided computer literacy, in order to facilitate the connection of local organisation and individual activist to the international community and dissemination of the information. Through these activities Alternative Link has promoted their contacts with the international community in particular in the grass root and non-governmental organisations in other developing countries.


Promote and facilitate research for action:

Research and recognition of the problem as well as looking for remedies at the local as well as international level has been an essential ingredient to bring about positive social change and building a just society. Alternative links has supported and promoted research for action initiated at local level which could feed into advocacy and lobbying, capacity building and networking activities. In particular Alternative links has helped to develop appropriate research methodology and supported pioneered research in areas of women and informal sector, family law, sustainable development, the interface of culture, religion and law and women in political processes.


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